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CentiDev - CentiPad Linux Distribution

The Development Software Tool Chain contains the following packages:

  • Linux for CentiPad
    • Kernel 2.6
    • CentiPad hardware drivers
  • maintech Bootloader
    • supports booting from various internal and external data sources (e.g. SDCard, DataFlash, USB, RS232)
  • coLinux
    • for development on a Windows XP System
  • Application Notes
    • application examples concerning the operation of the internal hardware and the connection of external components

Development for CentiPad is possible under Linux or Windows XP. Both platform are based on the same development system. When using Windows XP, source codes can be edited with Windows tools. Compilation is done via a coLinux virtual engine.

 CentiDev has been tested with SuSe- and Debian-Linux-distributions.


The CentiPad Linux Distribtion is Open Source.

The CentiPad Linux Distribution underlies the GPL, unless otherwise noticed.

The maintech bootloader is customized for CentiPad. The Bootloader is by maintech. One license of  the Bootloaders is automatically included with each CentiPad.

CentiDev includes the CentiPad library. This library is by maintech. One license of  the library is automatically included with each CentiPad.

For usage of non-GPL components independent of CentiPad please contact maintech.


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