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Our Development Kits offer an easy entry into the Embedded Linux World of CentiPad.

The DK sales prices are tightly calculated to offer you a great value and reliable entry platform.

Each DK comes with a standard support package which entitles to additional customer support and update-downloads.

If you're planning a development, you might want to consider our <Services>. On buying a DK you can add <Premium Applications Support>for special conditions.

CentiPad Embedded Linux DevKit

Start your first Embedded Linux application within minutes no Problem with the CentiPad DevKit. The Break-Out-Board CentiBOB provides access to the CentiPad interfaces via Standard-connectors and offers a reliable platform to start your own Embedded Linux Projects.

Due to the pre-installed Linux-Systems you can communicate with your new CentiPad via serial- or network interface directly after power-up.

The CentiPad Starter Kit contains:

  • Hardware
    • Break Out Board CentiBOB
    • Embedded Linux Modul CentiPad Pro
    • Kabelkit: LAN, RS232, USB
    • power supply (100..240V 50/60Hz, european plug. Others on request)
  • Software Tool-Chain "CentiDev " for Linux and Windows XP
    • maintech Linux Distribution Kernel 2.6 - CentiPad Edition
    • maintech Bootloader - CentiPad licence



CentiPad Motion Control DK

CentiBOB with Trinamic Motion Control System (PAN-Drive)



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