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In this area we provide Datasheets and manuals for download:

CentiPad is right for your application!

We are confident in our products - therefore we offer you access to our comprehensive documentation - before your purchase. Survey the documentation at your leisure and become convinced of the CentiPad family's performance.

Before deciding for CentiPad, you want to make sure about features and suitability. We suggest the following procedure for your entry into the world of CentiPad:

  • the CentiPad-Flyer informs about features and interface configuration
  • the Block-Diagramm provides a graphical overview about CentiPad
  • the CentiPad Programmers Model is a simplified CentiPad schematics. All active components with their interconnections are shown.
  • the CentiPad BOB Documentation and the CentiBOB schematics show the integration of CentiPad with the outside world and gives examples for your application
  • the CentiPad Linux Manual describes the workflow with the development system CentiDev
  • the CentiPad Applications manual provides detailed inforamtions for the development of your own applications
  • the parts datasheets provide detailed information for hardware and driver developers


conditions for usage:

Providing datasheets and software in the download area is an additional service of the CentiPad-Homepage. We can give no warrenty for rightness or completeness on the contents. As user it is your responsibility to verify conformity between product and datasheets. We will not accept any demands. When using download you are accepting these conditions for usage.


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