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You are looking for support concerning your CentiPad?

When we may support you in addition to our online service, please contact us via the following addresses:






You got tight deadlines? Use our Premium Applikations Support!


Premium Applications Support

You got tight deadlines and must speed up your development? With our Premium Applikations Support your task will become our centerpoint.

The experts of  the CentiPad development team will gladly help you design your Embedded Linux System around the CentiPad. We like to consult you - from planning to to finished product.

Working with our experts reduces your risk, improves your development planning and helps reducing overall costs.

Just contact our <PremiumApplikationsSupport>


Mechanical production

Your newly developed device requires functional and ergonomic housing?

Utilizing standard parts, adding customzied CNC components we provide the right "packaging" for your novelty product.


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