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Welcome to the English CentiPad Website. Not all information is available in English, yet. Please contact info@centipad.de for any further questions.


CentiPad – The Embedded Linux Allrounder

You're planning a VoIP, Motion Control or embedded Webserver application?

Our powerful development platforms offers an optimum entry into the CentiPad Embedded Linux Module product family.

Never before was the start into the Embedded Linux World so easy: start your first Embedded Linux within minutes – simple with the Embedded Linux development system for CentiPad.

CentiPad convinces with unique functionality and low power consumtion on small space demands:

  • 180MHz ARM9 CPU
  • Memory:
    • up to 64MB SDRAM
    • up to 8MB DataFlash
    • miniSDCARD Connector on Board
  • multiple interfaces for your application:
    • 10/100Mbit/s networkk interface
    • up to 5 serial interfaces (RS232, TTL, RS485 configurable)
    • USB host / USB device / sound
  • expansion port:
    • address bus / data bus / chip select / PIO
  • industrial standard interfaces:
    • I2C / SPI / 1wire/ CAN / RS485
  • 1,1W typical power consumption
  • …only 94mm x 62mm form factor

your software advantage during application development:

CentiPad uses the current 2.6.x Linux-Kernel, as known form Desktop-PC distributions. Therefore our software is up-to-date - with all benefits of the Linux-community. The included, comprehensive software package "CentiDev" facilitates development under Linux and Windows. More info on the software-page…

Long production life: you do not care to fix your software for new hardware every few month? CentiPad targets on a long production life of proven hardware components.

 Compare our CentiPad to other AT91RM9200 Boards @  www.at91.com.





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